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Unexpected Motorbike Tour to Nuwakot: Beauty & Beyond

Royal Enfield Bullet

The ultimate journey started with the sense of light that hit my mind to travel and explore the world and let people know what we see and feel. Me and my Belgium friend, we planned to travel together to write something and to collect nice albums of photography and to present a nice article for the people like us. A purpose to serve those who love traveling and exploring. We ride from the Kathmandu first checkpoint was Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park Bhangyang check post. You can enjoy the inner sight of the National park by day hiking & Cycling.

The Itinerary of the 3 days in Motorcycle :

Day 1: Start a ride from Kathamndu. It takes approx 3 hrs to reach Nuwakot, Famous Farm.

En-route Activities:

  • Beautiful landscapes of mountains & Green hills.
  • different short hiking route
  • connect with the local community you can try homestay for accommodation
  • Fishing in the local river.
  • Cyclists & Motor-bikers are welcome.
  •  Luxury farmhouse with all the tourist amenities.

Day 2: Ride to Nuwakot Homestay

En-route Activities:

  • Village Touch, quiet and fully into nature
  • History of the place, Palace and temples
  • Homestay & Nepalese cuisine Cooking classes.
  • Local wine Tasting
  • Cultural Show with ethnic dances & Music

Day 3: Ride Back to Kathmandu en-route visit Kakani. (3 hours)

  • Great Mountain View
  • Beautiful Hill Road.
  • Nepali Lunch Set.

The first day of the journey

Our Journey started from Kathmandu to Nuwakot (one of the rural part of Nepal) and ultimately it took us 4 hours on our Royal Enfield (Except the break duration of food and Photograph) en route. It was a breathing taking view of snow-capped mountains including Ganesh, Manaslu, Langtang & Annapurna ranges. And the road lingering with Likhu Khola and Dupcheshwor river, and then after with terrain rice paddy fields and local farmers harvesting their crops laughing and joking, what else to seek for. The local fisher-man showing their traditional fishing skills attracts the attention of every outsider and their capability to hunt fish is most popular among the community. It feels like you came to a completely different world and you see the happy people around you, even poor fishermen welcome you into the river and gives you warm hospitality.

Tips: If you have a fishing rod with you can enjoy fishing with local fishermen.

The river & paddy farming were the mesmerizing pleasantness along with the warm air flowing around our ear and telling us, ‘you won’t find any harmful oxygen to fill with and any hurtful reaction to facing with’.  Rather it felt they were cheering up and smiling at us. We stopped at a local house to drink water and the local farmers and local people are so welcoming. We could see the clear hospitality in their eyes which felt like the sense of light that creates the friendliness between us.

Local farmers were doing Traditional harvesting but advanced because it is not by hand but semi-mechanical. The roll makes the rice come loose, the next step, filter the last loose leaves so behind the “screen” only rice is left. Yana & I both enjoyed the harvesting technique and we again start our journey to The Famous Farm Nuwakot district.

Nepali farmers harvesting paddy in Nuwakot

We reached to the farm and checked in with the enjoyable Royal Enfield ride along with a smile of a hospitable local farmer, it was actually in the top of the hill and down you can the view of beautiful valley & local town Bidur. They also grow organic vegetables on their farm which comes on your plate.

The Famous firm is one of the authentic places to enjoy village tourism it gives the taste of organic Nepali houses that deliver service of all the amenities within the premises.

The Farm is equipped with all the tourist services with in- house restaurant & bar services.

If you want to hike further more than Nuwakot Palace, will be the best option to walk around.  There are historic value of the place and down to the highway goes straight to the Safrubeshi. It is the starting getaway to Langtang National Park and trek to Langtang Valley.

Sunset from Famous Farm, Nuwakot Wine in Nuwakot

The second day

The next day the farm’s manager takes us a tour telling stories about the history, local people’s culture & economic condition of the people which was quite interesting. Lunch was amazing with grilled chicken with brown sauce and green vegetables presented in a great way that appeals to your sense of hunger two times more. After lunch, we packed our bags and headed towards the Nuwakot Homestay which flavors you the exotic taste of wanderlust also a great way to feel Nepalese family life and bonding between the members’.

The ride was very comfortable even though it was a gravel road, two people can easily ride on motorbike-like Royal Enfield. We spend overnight on the homestay learning about cooking Nepali food, Nepali culture, the dance they perform quite unique.

Nuwakot Durbar Nuwakot sky Roaming around the area

Final day

The next day we ride back to Kathmandu via Kakani, another hill station and its place have featured with little cold & gloomy weather which offer an amazing view including Annapurna, Manaslu, Langtang & Ganesh.

Requirements for Shivapuri National Park Hiking.

Permits for National Park: USD 10 per person

Hiking Tips: 

  • Altitude: Approx. 2000 meter
  • National Park Area: Strictly prohibited to hurt and abuse vegetation and wildlife.
  • Experience: Wilderness within the premises of lush green forest along with a breathtaking view of Kathmandu Valley.

Itinerary for Day Hiking on Shivapuri National Park

7 AM: Wake up & Freshen – up and take a taxi/Cycle to Bhangyang. Start a hike/cycle from Banging.

2 PM: Furthermore you can go to the Nagi Monastery to feel the spirituality of Buddhism and the monastery have a unique feature that only accommodates the female monks. Other visitors are allowed to enter the premise.

4 PM: Take a taxi from Budanilkhatha and back to the hotel.

Gears needed: Proper hiking boots, hiking suits, light cotton clothes.

Please note: Cycling trail is also allowed if it’s in your interest which might cost you an additional 20$ for the cycle permit and 20$ for the rent of the cycle and if you are heading towards Nuwakot then you don’t have to buy a National Park fee.

Hiking starts from the place called Bhangyang (where National park check post situated) and then the trail goes straight and mixed up and downhills. The trail is into the lust Forest of Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park and you can enjoy the view of Kathmandu city at will take approx.  4-5 hours to reach to spot called Budanilkhantha(end of the hiking).

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