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Shailung : 100 hills and infinite joy

Lift up measureless and mystical joy

A short trip to “Scene of the longest Himalayan range”

Shailung or a hundred hills, name itself is capable enough to lift up measureless and mystical joy within you once you collect some memories by roam around those hills. Not only because it is the highest place of all the ‘Mahabharata hill range’ (altitude: 3150 meter), the communal approach of the villagers around to uphold their cultural estate , the sightseeing of the longest scenery of the mighty Himalayas you can ever imagine to witness by standing on one place, and the serene scene of the Mahabharata range (you can even see some portions of Terai region on a clear day as well), have made its beauty even more luminous. Talking about Himalaya, you can witness the glory of about more than 80% of the Himalayan ranges of Nepal that includes Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Amadablam, Mt. Makalu, Annapurna mountain range, Langtang range, Ganesh peak, Rolwaling range with Mt. Gaurishankar etc.

Shailung ‘hundred hills’ to experience measureless and mystical joy

Shailung is a Nepalese local abbreviation for ‘100 hills’ because of its geographical entity. Located as the highest point of the hilly region, it is said that there are around hundred small sloppy and cone shaped landlocks formed on a single plain summit. You can also view the widest range of serene hilly greenery and I would recommend you to visit their at least once in your life if you really think that you are adventure and thrill lover. It’s been said that you can witness 13 different color of the sun during the day. There is a beautiful view tower and a stupa just constructed and on its way towards finishing above this ‘natural view tower’. Shailung is one of the ‘must visit’ as well as ‘most thrilling’ cultural as well as natural expedition site that Nepal has to offer, but still gets very few visits from foreigner and still unknown even for the most of the domestic travelers.

Shailung holds 95% of its people involved in agriculture and animal rearing. Still far far away from the 21st century’s tech attributes, you can sense a perfect cultural as well as natural treasure that this hill still protects, and lost within its beauty for several days full of excitement. And you can experience this by travelling for around 5 – 6 hours of four wheeler ride.  

Ancient tales of the locals around says that lots of saints used to come to meditate here, even the Gautama Buddha, and the hundred small hillocks standing there are the memoirs of the 100 saints. Located on the border of 2 districts, Dolakha and Ramechhap, You can find many temples and religious sites around there and all of them are equally worshipped by both Buddhists as well as Hindus. Having said that, this place is a major example of the religious as well as cultural harmony around here. Dharma Dhoka, Mahadev Temple, Hanuman Dhoka, Gai Dhunga, Bag Dhunga, Jareshwor Mahadev, Sano (small) Shailung etc are some of them. You can also get a chance to attend huge festivals on some the major religious occasions that are organized by both Hindu and Buddhists.

Shailung is a short distance destination, so you can get there by bus, bike which may take around 5 to 6 hours to reach to Kalapani which is located several meter below from Shailung and around 30 min. hike to the top. You can also choose to hike from Mude – Baghkhor – Dhunge (probably night stay there) – Kalapani and then the top. You can find a few number of stay houses, hotels in Dhunge and Kholakharka (lies in Ramechhap, around 30 min below from Shailung top, opposite of the Kalapani). There are many foods that you can try there like Tumba, boiled potatoes (Famous Mudeko Aalu), various kind of pickles, cheese and other Yak’s dairy products, and other Nepalese foods with majority of communities like Tamang, Newar, Kshatriya, Brahmin, Sherpa etc. You’ll find the pricing of lodging and fooding surprisingly low around Shailung. You can also choose to stay on the top of Shailung in the camp tent if you’re planning to take camping gears with you.

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