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LGBT people are as eager as others when it comes to explore the most thrilling and adventurous places in the world. Hence, it’s always our prime concern to promote LGBT Tourism as well as to provide finest hospitality to LGBT tourists. Nepal government already has facilitated to promote this sector of tourism by legitimize LGBT rights in 2007, and also approved the programs to encourage LGBT tourism. Which means that you can enjoy your trip in Nepal, better than any other country in the world.

 understand the true purpose of gender equality as well as the right of your choice. Hence, it offers the most exciting facilities for LGBT people to come to Nepal, and also enjoy your life with more sensitiveness towards your destination desire than any other places.

Thrill Nepal Cares about your,

  • Needs to be in a perfect honeymoon trips.
  • Desire to visit the finest holiday places to single, couple or group LGBT tourists.

  • Honeymoon, vacation and tours to its fullest extension.
  • Equality in every sector that you may have to encounter.
  • And many more.

Especially in 21st century, the discrimination level of any race, gender or cast is remarkably declining. Also the public awareness due to the wide scope of the social media is also playing superb role.


Nepal now, is quite apart from most of the African, Caribbean and Middle Eastern and lots of other countries. You may find anti-discrimination laws made there, but not properly regulated. In fact, Nepal is the only country in South Asia, which doesn’t hold any grudges and hesitation towards LGBT people and their affairs. There is no guarantee of acceptance due to lack of education and awareness which can be termed as humanitarian injustice. Just like everyone, LGBT people are incredibly diverse in a remarkable way. Some might focus themselves on products and services provided. Some may seek to fulfill their thrust from thrilling and adventure experiences, while others may looks for trip that may ensure respect, welcome and acceptance.  As absurd as it is, but still the world sucks to provide human rights to every human being, blindfolded by their own dogmatic sense.

But Nepal now is not a country that’s facing this problem. With the people’s deep Mentality to accept guest like their gods, it applies to LGBT guests, just like everyone else.

Thrill Nepal has variations of tour packages which may perfectly befit your expectations and desires. There’s nothing wrong to explore yourself and find your reflection in the serene nature. Also there is nothing to worry about while you join with us. It’ll be our please to explore along with you, providing every possible facilities and hospitality that you deserve. It’ll always be our primary concern to ensure your satisfaction in a most perfect manner, that you are seeking while travelling in any place.

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