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Maha Shivratri and Shiva – The ultimate significance


MahaShivratri: Best day to know your innerself

Thrill Nepal: Maha Shivratri, often called “night of the Shiva”, is celebrated every year on 14th day of the Magha month, in the darkest night of the Hindu Lunar calendar. It is one of the most festive night among Hindu culture, when people enjoy and celebrate and try to devote themselves to the Shiva himself. There are lots of myths to support this festival to celebrate, and they are:

  • To help a person to raise the spiritual energy, supported by the most optimum position of the stars in the northern hemisphere.
  • To celebrate the convergence of “Shiva” and the female form, “Shakti (means energy)”.
  • Celebrated as the night, when Shiva performed “Tandav” dance.
  • It is believed that, the night is spiritually most powerful night of the year.
  • It is said that the god Shiva appeared as “Lingodbhav Moorti” on this midnight.
  • To remember the day as the wedding anniversary day of Shiva and Parvati (also called Shakti)
  • To celebrate as the day Shiva became “Nilkhatha Mahadev”, or the blue throated by drinking all the poison named “Kaalkut” to save the world.


Shivratri indicates the widely coming darkness and ignorance in life, and devotion towards the lord of destruction. And the purpose of that is to consciously become friend with them, and hence balance the life as a perfect one.

Who is Shiva, myth or the real one?

Shiv Shakti

You can find many qualities and properties of Shiva, and it’s almost impossible to believe the myth when there’s a man who has three eyes. And the man is capable enough to destroy this entire universe. It’s also same with me as with everyone. But one can slightly change the discourse of his logic to understand the real scripture’s meaning. Now a days, it is discussed in many place, that the name “Shiva” holds the meaning from Sanskrit as “the one, who is not”. The object, the one object which is not present there inspite of his existence. Just like the cold cold place of this universe which cannot access light from anywhere. Completely empty place, not even the presence of the air, but responsible for binding everything, those visibly existed objects. You cannot say, there’s nothing, just because you can’t sense. There are numbers of mysteries beyond your sense, or beyond what the normal people perceives. Shiva seems just like that empty space, or that aspect of life, which is totally present even if it’s not sensible by you and I. And it’s totally present within you, in the form of life itself, and the connection to the most basic essence of this universe, it’s always here, within every one of us. It’s always the dark aspect of the life that you can’t separate with, but what if you’re conscious even in the darkest moment and doesn’t need light anymore. It’s always that aspect, that Shiva is regarded.

Shiva, not only name, but the personality and characteristics largely differ from every other gods in the Hindu religion. The other names that Shiva is called are, Shambho, Shankara, Bhole, Karunamurthi (statue of love), lord of destruction, Mahakaal, and many other names enough to fill this whole block of writing. He is the one without any luxury and lavish life, and full of energy and the action to its highest possible potential. He is also regarded as the founder of the science of Yoga, and he was also believed to achieve the power by performing yoga and meditation. Whatever the case, he seems to be a very charismatic figure to have such a diversity within, seems very very fascinating. He is capable enough to destruct this world with his aggression, and the same one is so lovable to be called by the name “Karunamoorthy”. He is the one who gives even his wife as a blessing to his devotee, and the same one who is a friend of the most lunatic, cursed and avoided creatures you can imagine.

So what you’ve decided? To waste one day in a year to keep yourself busy, trying to figure all that out. Not to be a different being by forgetting your usual self, but to be completely aware of the darkness that exists. To be aware of the life itself, and to be that life then after, not afterlife. You’ll find out that it was not a wasted day, but the only one day that you’ve lived by being the life itself. You’ll then realize that the life with the ecstasy of tears, is a way better life to live, than the fake one. And to celebrate the day by the Shiva’s way.

ShivRatri and Pashupati:

Pashupatinath temple is one of the most holy pilgrimage of lord Mahadev. More than a million visits on this special night to worship in this holy place. It’s more than a feeling, or to wisely say, “Unexplainable through words” kind of environment you’ll find after reaching there. Hundreds of sadhus, lots of chants and crowds, singing and dancing, concerts and other entertainment shows, marijuana and lots and lots of fun. That’s the worthy one day to spend in a year, by being present in the surrounding of Pashupatinath.

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